Integrated Controller

Take your breadboarded circuit, and house it on the enclosed prototyping pcb. All sensors and actuators connect easily to the screw connectors.

Industrial Application

Take advantage of robust industrial sensors by connecting them through our Ind.I/O board. In other words: ' Goodbye DS1820, hello PT100'.

University Projects

In lab environements which require repetitive actions or constant datalogging our kits can be linked to a server via our ethernet expansion module.

Home Automation

Build your own programmable pumping unit to water your plants whilst you are away on holidays.


About Industruino

Industruino is a fully featured Arduino Leonardo compatible board housed in a DIN-rail mountable case + prototyping area + onboard LCD + membrane panel. With this product you will be able to permanently install your Arduino application in no-time.

Whether you use it for automation projects, data loggers or an interactive art installation, Industruino offers you ruggedness, plenty of features and low cost.

Please watch the video above for a 4-20mA industrial sensor demo using Industruino.


Industrial Input/ Output Board

Ind.I/O is the Arduino-compatible equivalent of a PLC. The prototyping Baseboard of the standard Industruino is replaced by a highly integrated industrial I/O interface board. This interface board offers:

  • 8 channels of 24V I/O
  • 4 channels of 0-10V/4-20mA 18bit Input 
  • 2 channels of 0-10V/4-20mA 12bit Output
  • isolated RS485 transceiver and  isolated power zones.

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Datasheets & Libraries

Supporting files in Documentation. Read more

Latest Project

Modbus RTU Master and Slave with Industruino Ind.I/O. Read more

24V Digital I/O

Demonstration video on how to use 8 CH digital I/O of Ind.I/O. Read more

Modular System

Consists of Topboard, Baseboard & external expansion modules



The Topboard is the brain and user interface of Industruino, hosting a microcontroller (Atmega32u4 or AT90USB1286) and LCD screen. All signals connect from this controller board to the Baseboard via a 40pin FPC cable

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The Baseboard is the I/O interface board of Industruino. It connects to the ouside world using robust screw connectors.

Two Options:

  • Proto Baseboard
  • Ind.I/O Baseboard

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Ethernet Expansion Module

The Ethernet expansion module clicks onto the DIN-rail next to the Industruino and connects via the IDC expansion port. The module is based around the Wiznet W5500 controller chip. On top of that a Micro-SD card and non-volatile FRAM chip are featured, giving you full flexibility in terms of data storage options.

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Main controller board inside Industruino


The front face of the Topboard hosts a  UC1701 based 128x64 LCD, FPC connector for  3 button membrane panel connected and Micro-USB connector for easy programming through the Arduino IDE.

More about Topboards >

Back - 32u4

Topboard 32u4

Hosts the Atmega32u4 microcontroller with 32kB of flash, ideal to start projects with Industruino.

Connects to the Baseboard via a 40 pin FPC cable. 

Back -1286

Topboard 1286

Hosts the Atmega AT90USB1286 microcontroller with 128kB of flash, to acommodate larger Arduino sketches. 

Connects to the Baseboard via a 40 pin FPC cable. 

  • Atmega 32u4 MCU
  • Flash 32 KB (of which 4 KB used by bootloader)
  • SRAM 2.5 KB
  • Digital I/O Pins: 17
  • PWM Pins: 6
  • Analog Input Pins: 7
  • Atmega AT90USB1286 MCU
  • Flash Memory 128 KB (of which 4 KB used by bootloader)
  • SRAM 8 KB
  • Digital I/O Pins: 17 
  • PWM Pins: 6
  • Analog Input Pins: 5


Baseboard links Industruino to external elements. Currently offering 2 types of Baseboard: Proto & Ind.I/O


The Proto Baseboard stands for "Prototyping". The standard Industruino comes with this prototyping baseboard. It offers you plenty of space and flexibility to add your own components.

It has a large prototyping area, a 14pin IDC expansion port and a 8-28Vin ->5V/2A out voltage regulator.

This board can be used if you have some small circuitery that currently lives on a breadboard next to your Arduino. By placing it onto this Baseboard you make sure your project looks like a finished product and it is protected from the outside world.

We offer Eagle design files for this board which can be used as a starting point for your own mass-manufactured product. Customise your I/O board, let us take care of the rest.


The Ind.I/O Baseboard stands for "Industrial level I/O". The board offers an abundance of interface options, and has isolated power supplies for each of its three functional zones.

This Baseboard is an interfacing solution to bridge the gap between Arduino compatibility and the world of PLC, robust industrial sensors and actuators. All field peripherals are isolated from the microcontroller via digital isolators and communicate via i2c protocol. 

The board includes 8ch 24V I/O, 4ch 0-10V/4-20mA 18bit ADC, 2ch 0-10V/4-20mA 12bit DAC, isolated RS485 transceiver, isolated power zones.

The board is supplied with Arduino libraries, allowing you to easily interface with industrial level sensors and actuators, using your favorite software tools.

Industruino PROTO

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Industruino IND.I/O

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This diagram shows a few possible connectivity scenarios of IND.I/O in an Industrial Environment.

See examples >

Ethernet Module

Internet Connectivity Expansion Module

Internet Connectivity

The Ethernet module is an external expansion module for Industruino. It adds internet connectivity to your existing Industruino installation.

Expansion Module

The 14pin IDC expansion port on the Baseboards enable you to connect to external communication and interface modules such as our Ethernet expansion module.

Data Visualization

Ideal to use for online date visualization, moving your process control installation into the age of IoT.

This DIN-rail mountable module adds network connectivity to your Industruino. It easily connects to the Industruino EXP or IND.I/O kit through the 14p IDC expansion port. 

The module is complemented by a Micro-SD card slot and 8KB of non-volatile FRAM memory. The SD memory is ideal for storing large files, such as used in data logging projects. The FRAM memory is ideal for fast and repeated storage of small values such system status and configuration data. The FRAM memory is non-volatile, so it enables you to keep data during power cycling without needing a battery backup.


  • IoT devices (Internet of Things)
  • Data logging
  • Remote system management

A range of example code is provided, which will enable you to very quickly build a product that is internet connected. We have also included code that can be used to publish your sensor data to the platform for easy visualisation. Using this sample code and our Industruino + Ethernet package you can have your sensor data available online within minutes.

More about Ethernet module >