Industruino references

our customer's success stories

These are some of reference projects shared by our customers: 

​90 terminal heating coils in a private cardiac surgery hospital (Centre Cardialogique du Nord, Saint-Denis, France) ​45pcs IND.I/O 1286 ​2016 ​DG2R
​8 air handling units in a restaurant (client wishes to stay anonymous, La Défense, France) ​12pcs IND.I/O 1286 ​2016 DG2R
​1 air handling unit and 54 lighting power lines (complete interior and exterior lighting control, mechanical stairs etc...) in a shopping mall (Belle Epine, Thiais, France) ​8pcs IND.I/O D21G ​2017 DG2R
​11 air handling units in the French National Library (Bibliotheque François Mitterand, Paris, France) ​11pcs IND.I/O D21G ​2018 DG2R
​1 complete 5-lines solar Hay dryer control solution for Zeka (industrial dryer solutions, Le Mans, France) ​6pcs IND.I/O D21G 2018​ DG2R
​15 terminal heating control and information gathering units in a 600-rooms building in an engineering school (Ecole Polytechnique, Palaiseau, France)  ​15pcs IND.I/O D21G ​2019 DG2R
​Agricultural systems for (remote) control and monitoring of individual water supplies of irrigation operations (sites around the world) ​700pcs IND.I/O and several GSM/GPRS modules ​2017-2021 ​Raindancer
​Building management system for monitoring electricity, water temperatures and flows in a residential high rise building (Sri Lanka) ​420pcs IND.I/O with Ethernet modules ​2019 ​Industruino

A few more details are available at this initial forum post.

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