GSM / GPRS expansion module

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This DIN-rail mountable module adds GSM connectivity to your Industruino. It easily connects to the Industruino PROTO or IND.I/O kit through the 14p IDC expansion port. 

A range of example code is provided, which will enable you to very quickly build a remotely deployed connected product.

The module is complemented by a Micro-SD card slot and RS-232 communications port. The SD memory is ideal for storing large files, such as used in data logging projects. The RS-232 port can be used to connect the module directly to a PC for software development purposes (eg. quick testing of AT commands), or can be re-routed to a second UART of the Industruino by flipping a switch.


  • Connect to the internet via GPRS
  • Send/Receive SMS messages
  • Micro-SD card slot (up to 2GB)
  • RS-232 port + 14P IDC port
  • DIN-rail mountable
  • Fully enclosed
  • Connects to Industruino IND.I/O and PROTO
  • Comes with antenna and IDC cable included.

Technical Specifications

  • SIM800H module based
  • 850/900/1800/1900MHz Quad-band
  • GPRS comms at 85.6 kbps
  • Mini SIM card slot
  • Supply voltage range: 3.3-32V 
  • Power consumption: 200mA @5V
  • SEPIC+LDO regulated
  • CE & FCC certified
  • Weight (kg): 0.2
  • Tariff No: 85176990

Apart from the Industruino's 14P IDC interface option the module can also be interfaced to any device via RS-232 and powered from an external power supply with V-in 3-32V.

The module has a very stable power supply with significant filtering to smooth out peak current draw during transmission, thus allow powering from the Industruino's internal power supply.


GSM/GPRS 14P IDC Pinout Diagram


Supported GSM / GPRS module Libraries

The module is based on the ubiquous SIMCOM SIM800 module, below is a list of Arduino libraries which can be used with the module:

-TinyGSM library

-Adafruit FONA library

-Freematics SIM800 library



User Manual




CE DoC (Declaration of conformity)


CAD (STEP file)