Where can I find the PROTO schematics?

I found the D21G Basebord ( https://static.industruino.com/downloads/schematics/IndustruinoD21GTopboard.pdf ), which is a start. It would be nice to have those of the protoboard, too. Of course it's possible to reverse engeneer it, but having the schematics is just simpler....

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Asked on 1/4/20, 1:21 PM

Hi All, I'm out of office until the 6/01. I have a limited access to my email. It could be take some time to receive an answer.


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Armand FUMAL CEO Cybernet International SARL.

Armand Fumal
on 1/4/20, 1:21 PM

PROTO seems to have additional resistors/protection diodes(?) on the way to the 14pin IDC expansion port?

In contrast to the documentation,

  • the +5V (out) on the 3-pin 'Power-IN' seems to be uninterrupted (PROTO REV2.2)
  • the "jumpers" are not done by zero-Ohm SMD as announced, but by small pcb traces - needed to be cut instead of unsoldered?!
  • the square pads are all unconnected (single)
  • the round pads seem to be routed (diagonal?) somehow, but I am not sure and with which signals?

Also a pcb layout of the PROTO would help: where can I drill an additional hole or widen one for an additional element without destroying the function of the PROTO pcb? Does the PROTO have only two (2) layers or other, e.g. ground layer inside, too?

IMHO: Used to the long lasting history of Arduino and "friends", and their great overall documentation, I was a little disappointed due to the (missing) details of this product, making it not really "proto"-friendly!

Using a little larger housing and more complete connectors (missing GND on the bottom D4 to D28 - or a 2.54mm raster for using real jumpers for the connectors to external) would have made things much more easier!

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Answered on 12/3/21, 2:32 PM

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