TFTP upload upload failing

I've set the "Eth Boot" switch to ON on the D21G board, i've included the ResetServer function (and going to the correct link with browser, the device reset correctly), but when i try to transfer via TFTP it goes in timeout.

As TFTP client, i've used the Windows 10 default one (with -i option), tftpd32, and also this one:

during the reboot phase the device stop responding to pings.

I think\hope that i've done all correct.

How the TFTP server in industruino know what IP address to listed during reboot?

Enrico Michieletti
Enrico Michieletti
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Asked on 1/2/21, 1:44 PM

Ok, i've noticed that something was wrong as the ping was stopping during the reset. I managed to save correctly the data to the FRAM, where the bootloader check for network variables (last 30 bytes). Now the ping doesn't stop during reset, so the bootloader must be listening to the network requests.

The web part with reset work, as if i point the reset path the device reboot itself.

But the TFTP never start. I've tried several TFTP programs, all under windows, without success.

I've tried both manually, and with the following bat file

ECHO Preparo il file
c:\Industruino\prepareFile.exe "password" "C:\Users\User\Documents\Arduino\Industruino\Industruino\Industruino.ino.industruino_d21g.bin" "c:\Industruino\Industruino.bin"

ECHO Eseguo il reset
START c:\Industruino\reset.vbs "password"

ECHO Spedisco via TFTP
REM c:\Industruino\tftp_new -i -v PUT "c:\Industruino\Industruino.bin"
TFTP -i PUT "c:\Industruino\Industruino.bin" 


The bin file is created, the device resets, but the TFTP transfer never start.

Any ideas?


Enrico Michieletti
Enrico Michieletti
| 3 1 2
Answered on 1/6/21, 3:03 PM

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