OTA TFTP Pull instead of Push

Has anyone tried to setup a system whereby you pull from a TFTP instead of Push?


Application: Systems are dispersed over some area, and you'd like to be able to update them without using the USB or being in the local area



1. Host a file on a TFTP (Cloud)

2. Have the Industruino check periodically for an update in firmware version

3. If detected "Pull" from a TFTP server (cloud)

4. Issue a reset

I'm thinking something similar to:


There are also very vague resources that suggest there is a TFTP pull option 

This may require a different bootloader? and it is at least, so far opaque to me 



Thanks in advance to anyone with some thoughts and insights


Sentry: Water Monitoring & Control Inc.
Sentry: Water Monitoring & Control Inc.
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Asked on 6/26/19, 9:09 PM

Thanks Tom,

That may be workable but it seems less than ideal

My concern is that the TFTP and industruino are not on a local network and so I thought a tftp 'get' was more practical so that I can point to a web address using DNS

So i saw it very similar to yours

1. Http get to check version and get tftp address

2. If version is newer issue a tftp get


And as one small modification to your suggestion in 1 would it not be a HTTP PUT ?


Sentry: Water Monitoring & Control Inc.
Sentry: Water Monitoring & Control Inc.
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Answered on 6/27/19, 11:35 AM

hi Colin, i'm not exactly sure about the differences between GET/POST/PUT for the HTTP request; i mostly use GET because it's easy to see/test the URL. i think you're right that my suggestion would not work if the Industruino does not have an IP address visible from the server. it might be possible with port forwarding but i wouldn't know how to do that.

on 6/29/19, 6:46 AM

Hi, i think this can be implemented using the existing TFTP functionality, i.e. the server will still initiate the TFTP session, but will do so based on an 'instruction' from the Industruino:

  1. the Industruino sends a periodic HTTP GET request to a PHP script on your server, with the currently running firmware version as parameter (e.g. every minute, or every hour, or every day) 
  2. the PHP file compares the running version with the latest available on the server
  3. if the Industruino is still running the latest version, the PHP script does nothing
  4. if the server firmware is newer, have the PHP script initiate the TFTP upload

I don't see any benefit of pulling the latest version info to the Industruino to compare it there, it can just say 'this is what i'm running, update me if you have something newer'. Does this qualify as a pull for you?

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Answered on 6/27/19, 9:27 AM

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