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Hello, I would like to connect Indio to a https://www.robotshop.com/ca/fr/capteur-distance-laser-lidar-lite-3.html?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIkuzUlKy-4AIVQ1cMCh1WgQjhEAYYAyABEgJcN_D_BwE to act as a i2c to network bridge.

I can see there is i2c in the extension plug but is there a way to have i2c bus on the screw terminals ? It would be cleaner for my project.

Best regards.

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Asked on 2/15/19, 7:03 PM

Hi, I2C is not ideal if your sensor is at any distance of the INDIO, in that case we would recommend to use RS485, a twisted pair protocol that works over up to 100s of meters, see also https://arduino.stackexchange.com/questions/53136/how-to-make-i2c-work-on-rs485

So ideally we'd suggest to use a similar sensor with RS485 output.

If you insist to use your I2C sensor, you can only use the INDIO's IDC expansion port; the digital output channels are not fast enough at 400Hz max switching freq. Or you could use a small Arduino to connect your sensor over I2C, and converts the signal to RS485.

Another option could be to use one of the INDIO's 4-20mA analog input channels; we have just launched a 'small Arduino' converter but that only works with sensors that consume less than 10mA as they are powered by the 4-20mA current loop, so not enough power for your sensor. https://industruino.com/shop/product/industruino-4-20ma-ker-89

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Answered on 2/17/19, 6:11 AM

Hello Tom,

Not much distance between sensor and microcontroller. My problem is to have the minimum hardware involved in the process to keep the setup simple. converting to rs485 does not seems like a good idea.

Using expansion port might not be possible because we already have the Ethernet extension connceted to it.

More over, I'd rather use screw terminals thant some kind of custom cabling to keep wiring clean.

We do not insist to use that sensor exactly but it looks like a good price/feature ratio. If you have any known alternative let me know ! 

For now we will experiment with Sick Dx30 and an ADAM-6017 converter over 0-10V

Thanks for your support.

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Answered on 2/22/19, 4:03 PM

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