How can i read native 18 bit with analogRead in my D21G?

I need read with 18 bit resolution in my proyect (to read voltages between 0 and 1 volt), how can i read with native 18 bit resolution? (measure between 1 and 262.143 ?? )



Thank  you!

Andrés Bercovich
Andrés Bercovich
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Asked on 12/17/17, 9:46 PM

Hi Andres, 

You may not like the answer, but you should reconsider your project : if your signal to measure is 1Vpeak, a 18bit ADC resolution  is way beyond what physics allow. It may "work", but neither Industruino nor any 8- or 32-bit controller will have low enough noise levels to make this practical.

If you really have to measure that kind of signal, you need most likely to "condition it" first, i.e. amplify some differential version of it (opamp on separate power supply, etc.) before bringing it close to any digital electronics.

Note that the industruino specifics are the use of the Arduino Zero chip, that has a "one 14-channel 12-bit ADC". More than enough, believe me, if you sample a DC signal you will have different readings because of the noise. Achieving 10-bit resolution is already a challenge ! 

Christophe Vermeulen
Christophe Vermeulen
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Answered on 1/8/18, 8:42 PM

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