Here is a simple glyph maker using a spreadsheet

Download link:

Quick tips:

  • If a cell has a red background don't change anything about it.
  • Name your glyph in the box below the cell "Name Your Glyph".
  • The two darker green cells with complete code in them should be pasted above the "void setup():" of your sketch
  • The lighter green cell with complete code in it should be pasted inside the "voide setup();" of your sketch

Further How-To:

  • Click the link
  • Download the spreadsheet by clicking the ↓ in the upper right corner of the screen
  • Open in preferred spreadsheet program
  • Replace any "0" with a "1" in the yellow filled cells.
  • Copy the code that generates below the yellow cells
  • Paste into your sketch
  • Test


  • The cells shade in to help visualize your glyph.
  • All cells need a 1 or 0 or your code will be innacurate.
  • The code automatically generates as you design
  • Dark green code goes above your "setup" loop and light green goes inside your "setup" loop


To use your glyph add it to your sketch using the assigned number ("2" in this example) and a backslash. If the code you entered above and within "setup" were

    static const byte DownCaret_char = 2;  // goes above "setup"
    static const byte DownCaret_glyph[] = { B00010000, B00100000, B01000000, B00100000, B00010000 };  // goes above "setup"

    lcd.createChar( DownCaret_char, DownCaret_glyph );  // goes inside "setup"
then using it in "loop" can either be standalone
    lcd.setCursor(0,2); lcd.print("\2");
or inside quotes containing other characters
    lcd.setCursor(0,2); lcd.print("Press ^ or \2 button");

Have fun! Let me know of bugs, questions, or suggestions.


*link, description, and title edited to for clarity and updates

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Asked on 11/3/19, 3:26 AM

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