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Am a bit of a newbie at this stuff but I have the exact opposite problem.  When I run the test code in the example above, it works as it is (ie I have only one channel set as an input.)  If I enable more than one channel as an input then neither channels trigger the interrupt.

I am running a D21G top board and have the latest libraries installed.

Am I missing something?

Ray Grove
Ray Grove
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Asked on 1/8/19, 12:04 PM

Hi, can you use the example sketch as here https://github.com/Industruino/libraries/blob/master/README.md#interrupts

and then instead of just using CH1, also use CH2-3-4 by including these lines:

  Indio.digitalMode(1, OUTPUT); //  Clear CH1 to LOW
  Indio.digitalWrite(1, LOW);  // Clear CH1 to LOW
  Indio.digitalMode(1, INPUT); // Set CH1 as an input with interrupt

  Indio.digitalMode(2, OUTPUT); //  Clear CH2 to LOW
  Indio.digitalWrite(2, LOW);  // Clear CH2 to LOW
  Indio.digitalMode(2, INPUT_MASKED); // Set CH2 as an input without interrupt

  Indio.digitalMode(3, OUTPUT); //  Clear CH3 to LOW
  Indio.digitalWrite(3, LOW);  // Clear CH3 to LOW
  Indio.digitalMode(3, INPUT); // Set CH3 as an input with interrupt

  Indio.digitalMode(4, OUTPUT); //  Clear CH4 to LOW
  Indio.digitalWrite(4, LOW);  // Clear CH4 to LOW
  Indio.digitalMode(4, INPUT_MASKED); // Set CH4 as an input without interrupt

Leave the rest unchanged, then this should trigger the interrupt and counter on CH1 and Ch3, while CH2 and CH4 are inputs without interrupt.

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Answered on 1/9/19, 12:18 AM

Apologies for the delay in coming back.  Yes, the code works.  I used the example you mentioned but didn't use the INPUT_MASKED bit so I am thinking that not doing this caused my problem.

Ray Grove
Ray Grove
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Answered on 1/24/19, 8:38 AM

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