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Loic De Buck

A great framework to solve a common problem

We are very happy to announce that Industruino is now supported on the Souliss framework, via RS485 & Ethernet on Industruino IND.I/O and via Ethernet on Industruino PROTO.

Souliss enables you to easily connect many Arduino compatible devices in a local network, to enable distributed automation and datalogging. Very different from other frameworks out there, Souliss doesn't require a cloud based server solution. It can connect to the cloud, but it can equally continue to work without any internet connection. The method of communcition between the devices is also very flexible, it supports Ethernet, Wifi, Zigbee, RS485 etc. As Industruino is aimed at industrial use our hardware range currently supports Ethernet and RS485.

Souliss also includes a convenient Android app to monitor data and control any of your devices in the Souliss network.

We would like to thank the guys from Souliss for the great job in adding board support for Industruino to the Souliss framework!

Please check out this very cool project via:

Github repository:

Souliss suported hardware list: