Which Arduino board is equivalent to the Industruino? 

The Industruino D21G carries the same MCU as the Arduino Zero board (SAMD21G).

Industruino PROTO D21G has direct GPIO pin access at 3.3V/5V tolerant. It is the DIN-rail mountable equivalent of an Arduino board.

Industruino IND.I/O D21G has isolated serialised I/O which supports 24V digital and 4-20mA/0-10V analog levels. This isolated I/O is accessible through abstraction via a library (Indio library).

How do I upload a sketch/application to the Industruino?

You can use the Arduino IDE to upload sketches via USB to the Industruino controller.

Uploading sketches via ethernet is also supported via the command line for mass deployment situations (using TFTP protocol).

What networking frameworks are supported by Industruino

  • Yaler

What IoT platforms are supported by Industruino

  • emoncms.org