Security bit

protecting the intellectual property of your application

Loic De Buck

FLASH code protection

We regularly receive questions from our users on how to protect the code that is running on their Industruino from third parties who could try to download the FLASH contents of the MCU. 

Our firmware developer has dug into this question and come up with a solution that doesn't require any special tools, just some clever code, which you can integrate into your own sketches.

The mechanism uses the security bit which is part of the SAMD21 and SAML21 MCU that we use for all Industruino products. By setting this bit via the NVMCTRL command the first step is done. To protect from Voltage Fault Injection Attacks it is recommended to enable the brown-out bit at 3.3V, which the demo sketch also takes care of.

Please read the relevant documentation:

Documentation applicable to IND.I/O D21G & PROTO D21G

Documentation applicable to 4-20mA.ker

Or go directly to the demo sketch:

SAMD21 demo sketch

SAML21 demo sketch