Remote sketch upload via Ethernet

New D21G Bootloader

Loic De Buck

New D21G ethernet bootloader

Apart from our drive to invest in new hardware development we believe that contributing to the Arduino software eco-system is equally important. So when the opportunity arose during the development of the D21G Topboard to add a crucial bit of functionality, we jumped on it: Enter D21G Ethernet/USB hybrid bootloader!

Follow the steps below to prepare your password protected and CRC hashed files, and finally see how to upload the resulting binary to your Industruino D21G:

Detailed procedure also available on our github.

Setup the address settings of the target controller (has to be done only once)
  1. Install the Industruino FRAM library using the Arduino IDE library manager.

    Run the included NetConfigDataMgr example sketch to write network parameters to FRAM of Ethernet module (modify parameters and uncomment #write option at top of sketch).
Preparation of user sketch:
  1. Make sure to include ResetServer sketch elements in target sketch (otherwise you can't reset the MCU remotely for future firmware uploads).
  2. Export binary of sketch
  3. Process binary with prepareFile utility (./prepareFile password inputFile outputFile)
  4. Setup TFTP:
tftp TargetIPAddress (ex.
mode binary
put outputFile.bin
  1. Reset MCU by loading “http://targetIPaddress:8080/password/reset” ex: "” in browser

If you have any requests or comments regarding the new D21G Topboard, please get in touch with us!