Maker Faire Rome 2016

Europe's largest creative get-together

Loic De Buck

Our second faire, and what a faire it was!

The latter part of September and early October we were crazy busy preparing for Maker Faire Rome 2016 (Oct 14-16). After our very positive experience last year how could we not take part this year! The logistics of building an interactive collapsible wall contraption in Shenzhen, carefully packing it up and rebuilding everything in Rome, are now becoming part of the self-torturing ritual that is eventually all worth it when those first visitors start walking in at Maker Faire opening day.

The positive energy of the faire and feedback received from the visitors is exhilarating. I think there are few events in the world where such a diverse group of people visit at the same time. We met hobbyist Makers, seasoned automation professionals, teachers, schoolchildren, fathers and mothers, all showing genuine interest and asking valuable questions about automation.

A very nice surprise this year was that our friends and motivators of had their stand right opposite ours!

Our greatest thanks go to our team, Maud, Alessia, Brigitte & Gerrit for all the help and to Maker Faire Rome for organising such a great event!

Please have a look below for a couple of pictures of the weekend.

See you all next year!

Loic & The Industruino Team

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