Industruino joins Arduino AtHeart!

an exciting new chapter

Loic De Buck

We are very excited to announce that Industruino has joined the Arduino AtHeart program!

The Industruino PROTO 32u4 is now certified as being AtHeart, meaning it is fully compatible with the Arduino IDE and can thus be used with a large number of existing sketches and libraries that run on the Arduino Leonardo. Furthermore, a percentage of the sales goes back to Arduino, supporting further development of the platform that we all love.

Supporting the Arduino platform and collaborating with the community is something that we value greatly. Great ideas and requests for new features come from our user base all the time. We are inspired by our users and have the mission to push forward the implementation of Arduino in industry.

Industruino PROTO 32u4 includes:

  • DIN-rail mountable enclosure
  • Prototyping area with re-routable connections using jumpers
  • 7-28Vin->5Vout/2A onboard switching voltage regulator.
  • All I/O and power available through detachable screw connectors
  • 128x64 pixels LCD with backlight 
  • 3 button membrane panel 
  • Pre-loaded with interactive LCD menu firmware
  • 14 pin IDC expansion port (can connect to Ethernet / SD / FRAM expansion module)
  • Fully compatible with the Arduino IDE

Check out Arduino's blog post and the Arduino At Heart products page.