Application: motorcycle spring tester

Industruino IND.I/O with Nextion HMI and loadcell over RS485


Spring testing rig

One of our customers in the Netherlands produces test rigs for suspension springs used in professional motorcycle racing. The springs need to be accurately tested to derive the true spring constant.

The setup consists of:

  • a manual hydraulic jack to compress the spring
  • a loadcell with RS485 output
  • a linear potentiometer to measure displacement
  • a Nextion LCD screen
  • an Industruino IND.I/O as controller
The Industruino is located behind the Nextion screen, and connected to Serial1 on the IDC expansion port.
The linear potentiometer goes into an Industruino's analog input channel.
The loadcell goes directly into the Industruino's RS485 port.
In addition to the real time display on the Nextion, the Industruino is also sending data over USB to a PC application for visualisation, MegunoLink.
This machine is built by De Wit 3D Engineering, thanks Anton for letting us share this project.